Winter 2018 Newsletter

Great Works Volunteer Stewardship Network

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- Managing Forever Forests
- New Board Member John Chagnon
- Getchell Pasture: Conservation in Wells
- Year in Review
- Annual Spring Auction



Field crew from fall 2017 at Desrochers Memorial Forest.


Fall 2017 Newsletter

Conservation Donation on the Salmon Falls River

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- Ways to Give
- Stewardship Workdays
- Proposal for Cooperative Forest Management Business
- Pollinator Survey Finds Rare Bumble Bee
- Great Works Welcome New Caretakers


Aerial image of the Kaplan donation,78 acres along the Salmon Falls River.


Summer 2017 Newsletter

Ogunquit River Trail Network Opening: A Collaboration

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- Chris Mende Joins the Board
- Goodwin Farm Update
- Not All Places Are Perfect
- A Year of Anniversaries
- History Hikes with OBHS


Joe Anderson of York Land Trust, Darrell DeTour of Great Works, and Nancy Breen of the Youth Enrichment Center at Hilton-Winn Farm.


Winter 2017 Newsletter

Farmland Conservation: Spiller Farm in Wells and Boisvert Farm in Berwick


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- Spiller & Boisvert Farms
- 2016 Donor Impact
- Education Outreach & Student Intern
- Tatnic Woods Conservation Area:                            Timber & Wildlife Improvement
- Annual Spring Auction: March 11, 2017

Aerial image of Spiller Farm, Fall 2013, photo by Project Lighthawk with Keith Fletcher.



Fall 2016 Newsletter

Goodwin Farm in Eliot


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- Goodwin Farm, Eliot
- The Importance of Unrestricted Gifts
- Ginny Reusch, 50 Years of Conservation
- Wildlife Cooridors
- Community Gardens at Beach Plum Farm

Albert Lord Farm (Goodwin Farm) photo circa 1910-11, courtesy of Eliot Historical Society.



Summer 2016 Newsletter

Keay Brook Preserve

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- Keay Brook Preserve Dedication & Trail Opening
- Tin Smith & Ogunquit Conservation Commision receive EPA awards
- Mount A increasing Trail Access - Grant to Mt. A2C to increase trail access
- Farmland Outreach
- Farmstand List
- New Members of Board of Directors


Keay Brook where it enters the Salmon Falls River in Berwick


Winter-Spring 2016 Newsletter

30 Years of Generous Donations of Land

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- Remembering donated conserved land
- New Director of Development and Board Member
- Parker Farm conserved and farmland protection
- Remembering Bradford S. Sterl
- Gift Planning & Estate Planning                                      - Winter Hikes


Beach Plum Farm, Rte. 1 Ogunquit


Fall 2015 Newsletter

Many Hands Supporting Conservation...

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- Planned Giving
- Fall Hikes
- Honoring the Parkers - A North Berwick Treasure
- Robin Aikman, Farmer and Consrevationist
- Riverfront Land Donated to Great Works                         - Meet the Volunteers                                                       - MtA2C Initiative Sponsors Climate Resiliency Research

Beach Plum Farm Volunteer Appreciation Event, Rte. 1 Ogunquit


Summer 2015 Newsletter

Partnership with Maine Farmland Trust

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• June 18 showing of Growing Local
• Partnership with Maine Farmland Trust
• Keay Brook Projects in Berwick
• Introducing New Board and Staff
Volunteer Opportunities
• 2015 Farmstand List

Goodwin Farm in South Berwick


Winter 2015 Newsletter

Lapierre Farm in Berwick

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- Lapierre Farm in Berwick
- Salmon Falls River Conservation Area
- Ogunquit River Headwater
- Farmland Protection Updates
- Spring Auction
- 2014 Annual Report

Lapierre Farm in Berwick


Fall 2014 Newsletter

Brooks Farm in Berwick Bequeathed to Great Works

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- Planned Giving Workshop for Members
- Fall Hikes
- Spiller Farm Conservation in Wells
- Dedication of Negutaquet Conservation Area
in North Berwick
- Mt. A to the Sea Land Acquisitions
- MtA2C Photo Contest

Brooks Farm in Berwick, off Rte. 9


Summer 2014 Newsletter

Townspeople Make the Difference!

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• Land Conservation Updates:
Berwick & North Berwick
• Meet Pamela Atwood, Board Member
• Farm-to-Chef event
• 2014 Farmstand List
• Volunteer Opportunities
• Why Join?


Winter-Spring 2014 Newsletter

York Pond Conservation

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Conservation Easement on York Pond Donated by Hawes Family

Farmland Grant News

Annual Meeting: Protection of the Salmon Falls River

2013 Annual Report

Spring Dinner & Auction

Remembering Billy Tower, Mary Louise Wright

Winter & Spring Hikes


Fall 2013 Newsletter

Outdoors With Great Works

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Introducing New Members Pamela & Roian Atwood of Eliot

Dedication of Richard E. Payeur Preserve and Trail in Ogunquit

Grant News: Access to Conservation Lands

Fall Hikes



Summer 2013 Newsletter

The Gerard Desrochers Memorial Forest in South Berwick

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Download 2013 Farmstand List

Read about the 135 acres generously donated by a local family, next to South Berwick's Town Forest.

Land donation adds to Tatnic Woods, Wells

Donors Contribute Investment Income to Conservation
- Making a Gift of Your IRA Distribution in 2013

- Young Conservationists from Area Schools
- Scout Researches Orris Falls History
- Volunteer Opportunities Now

Farm-to-Chef Celebration August 4 at Beach Plum Farm


Winter-Spring 2013 Newsletter

100th Project Completed!

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Fall 2012 Newsletter

Ogunquit Land Gift Helps Protect Ogunquit Watershed

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Summer 2012 Newsletter

Thinking Local: Farms and Food

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2012 Farmstand List

From the Development Corner: Major Gifts

Dedication of Grant's Meadow on Beaver Dam Heath: April 21, 2012

Summer 2012 Events

New Board Members: Annie Cox, Kevin Gray, John Pazdon

Johnson Farm in Kittery and Eliot

Beach Plum Farm: The Beach Plum Legacy, Harvest for Hunger at Beach Plum Farm

North Berwick Farmers Market: Photos from Opening Day 2012
Farmers Markets Increase Access to Quality Food

2012 Spring Auction a Great Success!

Portsmouth Brewery Funds $5,000 to Great Works

High School Students Lend a Hand

North Berwick's Riverside Farm fields planted with early small crops, May 2012.

It is our hope that you get to know your farmers local farmers and purveyors. It is our hope that you share our commitment to keeping land available for farming, for forestry, for recreation, for wildlife, and for scenic beauty.

Thank you to our underwriters for this issue of Great Works:


Great Works Newsletter-WS 2012

Looking Ahead
• Thank you to 2011 Donors
• Land Donations:
102 Acres in North Berwick
Six Acres in York Pond Area
• Winter/Spring Hikes
• Spring Dinner & Auction March 10
• Perkinstown Commons - 288 acres
• Shorey's Brook Dam Removal Completed

Great Works Newsletter Fall 2011

Volunteers Make the Difference

  • Volunteers: Bill Hills, Colleen Tuano
  • Annual Fund Appeal
  • Grant’s Meadow in Beaver Dam Heath
  • Granite State lands update
  • Fall 2011 Hikes

Summer 2011: Celebrating 25 Years of People & Places

Backfields Farm in Eliot: Great Works 1st conservation easement in 1987.
25th Anniversary Events Summer 2011
Grants Meadow in Berwick: Successful purchase will enable public access to Beaver Dam Heath and Berwick's first trail.
'Granite State' Lands in Wells and North Berwick: 288 acres for the public benefit. Read more...
Shorey's Brook Restoration at Savage Wildlife Preserve
2011 Farmstand List
Welcome to Anne Gamble, Development Coordinator, and Tom Gilmore, North Berwick Board Member.
Volunteer opportunities
Download the entire Summer 2011 newsletter in pdf format.

Winter/Spring 2011: Beaver Dam Heath Focus Area

Beaver Dam Heath - A Hidden Treasure

There is a treasure in Berwick known to only a few...

In this issue:

Beaver Dam Heath

Grants Meadow Project in Beaver Dam Heath

Deb-Tone Farm Project Faces Funding Deadlines

Annual Meeting Celebrating 25 Years of Conservation: Thursday Feb. 17, 5:30-8:30 pm, N. Berwick Community Center

'Granite State Gas' Lands Could Be Protected

Land Acquisition: 39 Acres in York Pond Focus Area

Winter and Spring Hikes

Spring Auction March 12th

2010 Donor List

Welcome to New Caretakers at Beach Plum Farm

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Fall 2010: Forests

Piecing Together the Puzzle: Forests

An Opportunity and a Challenge

Including Trees in Our Community

From the president...

Deb-Tone Farm Campaign Update

Volunteers: Youth Pitch In for Great Works

Ways People Give: Ten Dollars

Vote Yes on #3

Fall 2010 Calendar

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Summer 2010: Farms

Piecing Together the Puzzle: Farms

GWRLT and Farmland Protection
Protecting Deb-Tone Farm... and a View For the Ages

York Pond Focus Area Update...

Land Acquisition

Ogunquit River Watershed and Mt. A Focus Area
Richardson Donation: Salmon Falls River Shoreland

NAWCA Grant for Beaver Dam Heath

From the president... 

Welcome to the Board of Directors

Ways People Give...Planned Giving

Membership Challenge

GWRLT's Five Public Places

2010 Farmstand List

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Winter Spring 2010: Water

In this issue: Piecing Together the Puzzle: Water

Riparian buffers, or shoreland zones, and their importance.

Donations of Land: Stevens (South Berwick) and Herrick (North Berwick) Parcels along the Great Works River.

Meet Charley Baer, bean farmer and new owner of Lover's Brook Farm.

Winter and Spring Hike and Event Schedule.

Donors to GWRLT in 2009.

17th Annual Spring Auction March 13th.

Ways People Give, column by Christine Magruder, Development Director.

Volunteer Opportunities.

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Fall 2009 Intro

Piecing Together the Puzzle:  Farms, Forests and Water
GWRLT Strategic Conservation Plan

York Pond Addition Completed

Explore Diverse Habitats at The Savage Preserve
Paul Miliotis, naturalist and ecologist

Timber Harvest=Cordwood

Volunteers Make the Difference

Remembering Carlton Young

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Piecing Together the Puzzle

Piecing Together the Puzzle:  Farms, Forests and Water
GWRLT Strategic Conservation Plan

It is not about land, or acres, or projects, but about all the life that occurs in that thin layer from a few feet underground to the tops of the trees.

Farms, Forests, and Water is the title of the Land Trust’s just released Strategic Conservation Plan providing the guideline for the organization’s land protection efforts over the next 15 years. Why farms, forests, and water? Because these three landscapes provide what we and our communities need to thrive; clean air, clean water, and food. When we depend on the resources of natural communities it is our responsibility to manage those communities in a sustainable way. Land conservation accomplishes this goal by protecting these resources for generations to come.

This document is the result of two years of work, dozens of meetings, and includes the input from 179 people in our communities. The Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve was a key partner in the development process as well as producing all the maps in the final copy. The Plan will help Board members focus their work and communicate to funders and the six towns the Trust’s top priorities and why.



Summer 2009 Intro

Grover Family Lands: Donation of 3 parcels totaling 71 acres in North Berwick

York Pond Campaign to raise money to purchase 140 acres (+/-) parcel.

Davis Foundation grants $10,000 to York Pond 2009 Campaign

Great Works River Watershed Education program kicks off with dedication of Grover Family Lands, June 13th, 9:30-11:30 am, at Bauneg Beg Grange Hall, North Berwick.

2009 Farmstand List

Doug Mayer, new Board member from Ogunquit.

Link to Summer 2009 issue of Great Works


Grover Family Lands: Donation in North Berwick

 The Grover Family, residents of Maine and of North Berwick in particular for over 300 years, completed the donation of three parcels of family property to Great Works Regional Land Trust in February. The parcels, all in North Berwick, total 71 acres. Two of the parcels have frontage on Bauneg Beg Pond and include woods, wetlands, and vernal pools. From the third there is a view of Bauneg Beg Mountain. 



Winter Spring 2009 Intro

Together We Do Great Things

In this issue of Great Works we revisit the conservation of about 580 acres of land around York Pond. What now appears as a large, contiguous block of conservation land was stitched together using both large and small parcels, through agreements with a diverse group of landowners, by a number of volunteers and organizations over the course of twenty years.

York Pond was the first large-scale conservation effort for Great Works. The lessons we learned are deeply ingrained in how we work today on large projects and are summed up by three P’s: perseverance, patience and partnership.

Each York Pond project brought us a new partner to work with, the towns of Eliot and South Berwick, the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy, developers, and individuals. We learned to adapt our role accordingly, to move fluidly from being the leader to the supporter of a project without ever giving up our primary role as the ‘voice for the land’.

As the local land trust, we make it a priority to know our landscape, our neighbors and how to talk about the unique qualities that make our region special. We know our limits – we just can’t purchase every beautiful, undeveloped piece of land that comes available. We also know that we can and will work long and hard to find someone who can. York Pond, Bauneg Beg Mountain, Beach Plum Farm, Mt. Agamenticus, each has taught us that partnerships have the power to achieve great things.

Highlights of this newsletter:

20 Years Working Together in the York Pond Area

Tracking the New England Cottontail Rabbit

The Savage Preserve: Winter Notes from the caretakers and results of natural resources inventory

Thank you to our donors in 2008

Link to PDF of 2009 Winter/Spring issue of Great Works


20 Years Working Together in the York Pond Area

  Many folks appreciate the riches of the York Pond area: the traces of the historic Punkintown settlement, the old quarries, the hunting grounds, the abundant waterfowl and bird life on Rookery Pond. They enjoy hiking the old coach and tote roads, canoeing, ice fishing and ice skating on York Pond, picking blueberries, hunting deer and wild turkeys. How about a vigorous snowshoe or cross country ski trip along Old Punkintown Road to the outlet of York Pond, or sitting on the point past the old cemetery, contemplating the beauty of Rookery Pond/Upper Bartlett Mill Pond while keeping a lookout for herons or perhaps a pair of otters? (Nesting birds are very sensitive, be careful not to disturb!)



Fall 2008 Intro

Some selections from our current newsletter:

Watersheds…Protecting our vital resource

Marshwood Middle School Students to Monitor Sturgeon Creek Watershed

Riparian Buffers

Discovering The Savage Wildlife Preserve

Kenyon Hill Timber Harvest

Entire Fall 2008 issue of Great Works



Watersheds: Protecting Our Vital Resource

This summer saw a severe tornado in Barnstead and Alton, destructive flooding in Lebanon and Acton, high river levels making boating and  fishing risky, elevated bacteria counts at our coastal beaches, along with record rains and a persistent cloud cover.

Farmers struggled to get their hay dry and their crops were hurt by disease.

Water districts incurred added costs to remove silt and sediment from surface supplies while facing up to a 15% drop in demand as customers reduced watering of lawns and gardens and hotels and restaurants experienced a slow season.



The GWRLT Watershed Region

GWRLT is the local land trust in the communities of the Berwicks, Eliot, Ogunquit and Wells. Did you know this region includes 6 major drainages such as the Webhannet River watershed and our namesake, the Great Works River watershed?

Click on map for larger image.



Riparian Buffers

These are the areas immediately along our rivers and streams and surrounding our wetlands, from 75 to 250 feet wide.  When in a natural condition (grasses, bushes, and trees) they play a major role in keeping water clean through filtration. Riparian buffers also store water for slower release, reduce flooding, shade rivers to cool water temperatures keeping oxygen levels high, and provide excellent habitat for birds, mammals, and fish.

The GWRLT service area – 6 towns – contain 8,474 acres of riparian buffer. A recent analysis completed for the Strategic Conservation Plan showed that 407 acres (5%) have already been developed and another 424 acres (5%) have been impaired enough to possibly not be functional. 914 acres (11%) have been protected. That leaves 6,729 acres (79%) vulnerable to land use changes that will impair water quality. With all the rivers within the service area already on Maine Department of Protections’ “Rivers at Risk from Development” list, it is clear there is much to do. Over the next year the Trust will be stepping up its efforts to support landowners who own riparian buffer lands so they can continue to provide the clean water on which we all depend.


Discovering The Savage Wildlife Preserve

Pat Durkin is thrilled with what she has found at The Savage Preserve. Photo by her husband, Donald Smith.Oh the things you will see…

The Raymond & Simone Savage Wildlife Preserve is quickly becoming a much loved GWRLT public place. Trained and untrained eyes have taken their first looks at this special property and returned with a sense of awe for its bounty and gratitude for its protection.



Summer 2008 Intro

Dedication of The Raymond & Simone Savage Wildlife Preserve

Volunteers Make It Happen...

Trail Expansion at Bauneg Beg

Strategic Conservation Planning

View complete Summer 2008 issue of Great Works

Dedication of The Raymond & Simone Savage Wildlife Preserve

A formal dedication of this truly extraordinary property on the Salmon Falls River in South Berwick was held on a not-so-sunny Saturday in May. The rain held off, sort of, but few were optimistic enough to bring along a picnic. As it happened, the day before, May 30th was the 95th anniversary of the birth of the donor of the property, Simone Savage, who died in 2006. Her husband, Raymond, died 20 some years earlier.



Volunteers make it happen...

We can’t say it enough, because it is so fundamentally important: Great Works Regional Land Trust is a grass-roots, member-supported and volunteer-driven organization. Conservation starts with the dreams of landowners for the future of their land. Stewardship of those lands continues thanks to member dues and donations that support staff oversight, tax payments, etc.. Essentially everything else gets done by our volunteer engine.



Trail Expansion at Bauneg Beg

A 6-member Maine Conservation Corps (MCC) crew spent 8 days in late May and early June on our Bauneg Beg property in North Berwick, performing a variety of much-needed trail work. The dedicated and hard-working crew, hailing from all over New England, first created a new trail to the summit. Approximately 1/2-mile long, and traversing a lovely beech forest, the new trail links Bauneg Beg Hill Road with the summit and makes accessible the southern half of the property.



Strategic Conservation Planning

Thank you to the 138 of you took the time to answer questions in our Winter 2008 newsletter survey about the important conservation issues that are facing our communities. It is clear that the Trust cannot and should not protect “everything”. To thrive, people need places to live and work just as much as forests, streams, and fields which provide recreation, wildlife habitat, clean air and water, food, and wood products. It is this balance that protects important natural resources that is at the heart of the Trust’s mission. Your answers will help define this balance.



Winter/Spring 2008 Intro

Here are some selections:

22 Acres on Shorey's Brook and the Salmon Falls River, S. Berwick and Eliot

Grant's Meadow Donation: 113 Acres in Beaver Dam Heath, Berwick

Tatnic: Millie's Woods, Tatnic Ledges and 70 Acres on Cheney Woods Road 


It's Not Only About the Land

 Millie's Woods, Tatnic Ledges and 70 acres on Cheney Woods Road

Three parcels (125 total acres) in the Tatnic region of Wells and South Berwick have been added to lands that will remain as forest, wetlands, vernal pools, rock outcrops, and flowing streams and will forever provide for views, hiking, hunting, firewood, timber, home for wildlife, and clean water. Each parcel has a different story reminding us that it is not the land but what occurs on the land – past, present, and future – that is really being protected.



New Acquisition on the Salmon Falls River

Great Works Regional Land Trust has come into possession of 26 acres on the Salmon Falls River in South Berwick, a bequest to be known as The Raymond & Simone Savage Wildlife Reserve. Bordering Shorey's Brook,with a mix of woods and fields, tidal and fresh water frontage, it provides some of the best and most diverse habitat in the area. One may see bald eagles flying overhead, sea and bay ducks, shorebirds and upland bird species. The woods and fields are inviting to deer and small mammals.



Conservation in Beaver Dam Heath, Berwick

This past fall, GWRLT received ownership of 115 acres to be known as Grants Meadow Conservation Area in Berwick, thanks to the donation of 113 acres from Carolyn and Wilfred (Bill) Bryan and 2 acres from the Town of Berwick as voted by its citizens. These parcels together with a Right of Way, also donated by the Bryans, will eventually provide parking, walking trails and public education on wetland habitats. These properties represent 14% of the largely undeveloped Beaver Dam Heath.