Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Yearly Overview

See how the volunteer year evolves: outreach, stewardship, event, and administrative needs.


February: newsletter mailing early in the month; newsletter distribution; poster distribution for Spring Auction; Annual Meeting: often a potluck, help is needed with setup;

March: Spring Auction 2nd Saturday

April: trail work, cleanup

May: trail work, clean up

June: Mailing party for the summer newsletter early in the month; newsletter distribution; June 6th, National Trails Day (trail work); volunteers at the South Berwick Strawberry Festival - hulling and booth help


August: Farm-to-Chef - 1st Sunday - help needed with setup, cleanup, parking, serving; Mill Field Festival booth in mid-month; Reception before the show at Hackmatack Playhouse, Aug. 22, 2012 - help needed coordinating and setting up, serving and cleaning up;

September: newsletter mailing late in the month, Eliot Festival booth last Saturday

October: Lead a hike, help out on a hike; Annual Fund mailing party

November: Lead a hike, help out on a hike



Volunteer Opportunities

Spring 2015 Volunteer Opportunities:

June 3rd Spring Newsletter Mailing Opportunity: Join a cheerful crew at the South Berwick Senior Center, 9:30-11:30 on Wednesday morning, and get the job done in a couple hours. Be in contact with Patti Mitchem, Administrative Coordinator, for more information, email.

June 6th National Trails Day Trail work and property clean up: Kimball North property, South Berwick. If you are unavailable to join us for the June 6th event but want to help, visit one of our public places and pick up trash, monitor for down branches or trees and report back to us with any updates on what you noticed or worked on, email.

June 26th Strawberry Festival: Great social time with the South Berwick community, hulling strawberries, 8 am - noon and washing buckets, 9:30-11:30am at South Berwick Community Center email.

June 27th Strawberry Festival: Booth help on saturday set up at 8am-4pm, take down email.

Want to give of your time and talent? Great Works has many volunteer opportunities in stewardship, membership development, events, office help, and committees. Contact the office at 646-3604 or email to talk with staff about how you would like to work with us. Anne Gamble is Development Coordinator, Patti Mitchem is Administrative Coordinator.

Ways you can help:

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