Farmland Protection

Productive agricultural land is a finite and irreplaceable natural resource. Fertile soils are the result of climate, geology and biology and take thousands of years to develop. Farmlands are most often located near rivers, streams and roads, making them ideal location for development. Every year over 4,000 acres of Maine farmland are converted into developed uses and with them we lose the opportunity for local food production and critical habitat for other species.

Across the country, 2 acres of farmland are lost every minute. Here in Maine, 400,000 acres of farmland will be changing hands in the next 10 years, just due to the age of our farming community.

Now is the time to act.  According to GrowSmart Maine, if the tillable portion of Maine's currently active farmland is developed at the same rate as it was during the past decade, most of Maine's productive farmland will disappear in the next 45 years.

We invite you to learn more, buy local and getting involved today by making a donation to the Great Works Farmland Fund today.

GWRLT's Farmland Protection Synopsis and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) link to pdf

GWRLT's Farmland White Paper link to pdf