York Pond / Rocky Hills

Working with local and state government, as well as other conservation organizations, GWRLT has been involved in the conservation of over 500 acres of land in the vicinity of York Pond, headwaters of the York River. A large portion of the land is now owned by Maine Dept. of Inland Fish and Wildlife and the Town of Eliot’s Town Forest is located here.

15. York Pond I (Parson) / Punkintown, Eliot (05/1995)  Fee
Joined with the Town of Eliot to purchase this 107-acre parcel (from the Parsons estate), abutting both York Pond and Upper Bartlett Mill Pond, for open space and public access. The site contains several cellar holes, wells and cemeteries of the early settlement in Eliot known as Punkintown.

20. York Pond II (Rocky Hills) / Rt. 236, South Berwick (12/1997)  Fee
An anonymous donation of 100 acres of woodland on the east side of Rt. 236 across from the new high school, abutting a piece of town owned land and the Parson's parcel in Eliot.

27. York Pond III, Eliot  (05/1999)  Partnership
The purchase of 236 acres along the west shore of York Pond culminating a 13-year effort spearheaded by Connie Weeks. The Nature Conservancy put up $60,000, and the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund another $50,000 with our share being $45,000. The parcel is owned by Maine Dept. of Inland Fish & Wildlife and abuts the Parson and Rocky Hills parcels previously conserved.

28. York Pond IV / Raitt Mill Lot, Eliot  (05/1999)  Partnership
A one-acre parcel located on the dam site of Upper Bartlett Mill Pond. The exact location is not known but it was critical to the ongoing effort to restore the dam and reflood the Pond. State and Federal agencies support hinged on acquiring this parcel. It was conveyed to Maine Dept. of IF &W along with the York Pond parcel.

39. York Pond V, Eliot  (08/2001)  Partnership
A 17.5-acre parcel abutting the 583 acres of already conserved lands around York Pond. Purchased with Mt. A. Challenge funds and turned over to Maine Dept. of Inland Fish and Wildlife in November 2002.

70. Payne Homestead, South Berwick  (08/2006)  Fee
The purchase of 9.1 acres on the Punkintown Road in South Berwick across from our Rocky Hills property. The parcel contains two valuable vernal pools in a hardwood forest bustling with wildlife. A stone was erected on the property, recognizing the family’s connection to this land.This was a Mt. A to the Sea project.

87. York Pond VI (Robbins), South Berwick  (08/2009)  Fee
91 forested acres abutting our Rocky Hills parcel and other York Pond conserved lands purchased with help from MtA2C.