Bauneg Beg, North Berwick (03/2001) Fee

Three parcels comprising the Bauneg Beg Mountain Conservation Area:
34.A Bauneg Beg Hilltop, North Berwick  (08/2000)  Fee
The purchase of 69 acres including two of the three hilltops that make up Bauneg Beg Mountain. This is the first of three purchases under a purchase and sale agreement signed with the owners.

34.B Bauneg Beg, North Berwick  (11/2000)  Fee
The purchase of 16 acres as the second parcel of a three-part purchase. This land has a small amount of frontage on Fox Hill Farm Road and will be the site for a parking lot.

34.C Bauneg Beg, North Berwick  (03/2001)  Fee
The final purchase was completed representing a four-acre lot with frontage on Bauneg Beg Hill Road.


from Fall 2003 newsletter: Three Public Places

Bauneg Beg Mountain Conservation Area, purchased by the Trust in 2001, consists of 89 wooded acres of peaceful logging trails, surprising rock formations, and a panoramic view. Visitors will find that a new gravel parking lot has been constructed, making access to the Devil’s Den Trail a bit easier. Even the parking lot has a view!

Bauneg Beg is an elusive mountain, seen only from a distance and in certain weather conditions. It seems to hide from those who approach, and hikers rarely expect the awesome rock formations and panoramic view they find at the top. It has a few steep steps at the top, but is otherwise very manageable for just about anyone.

The trail begins at the parking lot on Fox Farm Hill Road in North Berwick, between Hammond and Ford Quint Roads, across from a large brick house.
Follow the newlycut lower trail above the parking, then head left into the woods.
Turn right to pick up the wide trail toward the summit.
Near the top, when the trail splits, go right, wind around the big rocks and up the narrow trail to your left and out onto the cliffs, which face back over the trail. Be sure to see both sections of open face, as the views are a little different.
Keep going to take the easy way down– stay left! If you want to take the easy way up, rewind to “when the trail splits” and head left there, instead. The gentle trail will take you back and forth and up.

On a very clear day, you’ll see both the ocean and the mountains. The walk up takes about 20 minutes and is a great climb for kids.