South Berwick


Maxwell Lot (Almond Orris Allen), South Berwick, 6/03

 51. Maxwell Lot (Almond Orris Allen), South Berwick  (06/2003)  Fee
A 14-acre parcel on Chick’s Brook off of Bennett Lot Road. This land is surrounded by land already protected in earlier efforts. Donated by Almond Orris Allen of Ogunquit.

Moore's Falls Property / Bennett Lot Rd, S. Berwick (2/94)

 8. Moore's Falls Property / Bennett Lot Road, South Berwick  (02/1994)  Partnership
Joined with the State and the Nature Conservancy to purchase 288 acres to add to the Mt. Agamenticus Project. GWRLT negotiated with the Moores Falls Corporation and brought both the Nature Conservancy and the State into the purchase. Ownership transferred to Maine Inland Fish and Wildlife.

Old Joy Farm / Emery's Bridge Rd, S. Berwick (9/94)

 11. Old Joy Farm / Emery's Bridge Road, South Berwick  (09/1994)  Easement
An easement covering 14 acres granted by Carolyn Blouin, an early and committed supporter of the Trust. Allows for forestry and agricultural uses, no further residential houses. Protects the historic structure of the house and barn of Old Joy Farm built in 1757.

Orris Falls I, South Berwick 7/99

 30. Orris Falls I, South Berwick  (07/1999)  Fee
The purchase of 98 acres in the Tatnic Hills region, next to Spring Hill, including an active heron rookery (11 nests in '99) and Orris' Falls, a local landmark and mentioned in Sarah Orne Jewett's writings. Purchased from JMG Corporation, this property provides the core of the 127-acre Orris Falls Conservation Area. With a right-of-way from Thurrell Road.

Orris Falls II (Neal), South Berwick 3/00

 32. Orris Falls II, South Berwick  (03/2000)  Fee
A 14-acre wooded parcel  in the Tatnic region off of Thurrell Road in South Berwick donated by the Neal Family. This parcel is contiguous with the 98-acre Orris’ Falls parcel and includes the “Big Bump” a rock outcrop on the top of a hill with views along a powerline ROW.

Orris Falls III (Lachance), South Berwick 8/01

 37. Orris Falls III (Lachance), South Berwick  (08/2001)  Fee
Added 15 acres of “inholding” to go along with the 98-acre Orris Falls parcel and the 10-acre Neal parcel. This parcel contains nice woods, part of the “ Big Bump” and several acres of wetland backed up by the beaver dam. Purchased with Mt. A. Challenge funds.

Orris Falls VI, (Mathews), South Berwick (04/2009) Fee

86. Orris Falls VI, (Mathews), South Berwick  (04/2009) Fee
15 acres of wet grassland and forest at the base of Orris Falls purchased with help from MtA2C and abutting other conservation land.


Payne Homestead, South Berwick (08/2006) Fee

70. Payne Homestead, South Berwick  (08/2006)  Fee
The bargain sale purchase of 9.1 acres on the Punkintown Road in South Berwick across from our Rocky Hills property. This was a Mt. A to the Sea project.



Raymond & Simone Savage Wildlife Preserve, South Berwick (01/2008) Fee

81. Savage, South Berwick  (01/2008)  Fee
The acquisition of 27 acres on the Salmon Falls River, with a small home and two small outbuildings. This project required a mediated agreement to enforce the bequest of the property to the Trust by Simone Savage, following her death. The property contains a dam that was breached perhaps 15 years ago. The dam impounded a ½-acre pond that was suitable for swimming. The property features a wide variety of habitats, including the impoundment area, a riparian forest zone, tidal inlets and marsh, a grass meadow, and two forested areas comprised of mixed hardwoods and softwoods.

Rocky Meadows, South Berwick 6/00

 33. Rocky Meadows, South Berwick  (06/2000)  Easement
A conservation easement granted by Joe and Gail Welch on a 24-acre farm on the corner of Boyd’s Corner and Emery’s Bridge Roads in the Tatnic region of South Berwick. This easement restricts all further residential development and allows for continued forestry and agricultural uses.

Roe Fields Extension, South Berwick 9/02

 47. Roe Fields Extension, South Berwick  (09/2002)  Fee
Three parcels of open space totaling 9.14 acres were donated to the Trust within the Roe Fields Extension subdivision off of Route 91. Two of the parcels contain significant vernal pools. The third parcel provides access to land beyond the subdivision.

Salmon Falls River, South Berwick (05/2007) Fee

75. Salmon Falls River, South Berwick  (05/2007)  Fee
A donation of one acre of land on the Salmon Falls River estuary at the junction with Quamphegan Brook, by the Green Family. This parcel has a woods road right-of-way access and 700 feet of river frontage.



Smith Farm, South Berwick/ Wells 5/04

 53. Smith Farm, South Berwick / Wells  (05/2004)  Easement
A conservation easement on 13 acres of fields and woods in the Tatnic area donated by long time GWRLT members Tin and Jane Smith.

Tatnic Ledges, South Berwick (10/2007) Fee

80. Tatnic Ledges, South Berwick  (10/2007)  Fee
The purchase of 15 acres connecting  Balancing Rock and Orris Falls parcels and re-establishing public access across this traditional path. The purchase includes the remaining portion of Spring Hill cliffs and a portion of the wetlands surrounding the beaver ponds.



Tatnic Woods IV, South Berwick 10/2006

72. Tatnic Woods IV, Bickford, South Berwick  (10/06)  Fee
The purchase of 27 acres with frontage on Boyd’s Corner Road in the center of IF&W’s documented turtle habitat for Blandings and Spotted turtles. The property contains several vernal pools, wetlands, and trails. This property connects with 4 other conserved properties (#s 44, 59, 66, and 67) bringing the total of contiguous protected land to 79 acres. This was a Mt. A to the Sea project.

Third Hill III (York Land Trust), South Berwick & York 7/99

 29.  Third Hill III (York Land Trust), South Berwick & York  (07/1999)  Partnership
Purchase of 20 acres being subdivided for two houselots at the northern base of Third Hill in the Mt. Agamenticus region. It was a group effort with the York Land Trust taking ownership.

York Pond II (Rocky Hills) / Rt. 236, South Berwick 12/97

 20. York Pond II (Rocky Hills) / Rt. 236, South Berwick (12/1997)  Fee
Accepted the anonymous donation of 100 acres of woodland on the east side of Rt. 236 across from the new high school, abutting a piece of town owned land and the Parson's parcel in Eliot.

York Pond VI (Robbins), South Berwick (08/2009) Fee

87. York Pond VI (Robbins), South Berwick  (08/2009)  Fee
91 forested acres abutting our Rocky Hills parcel and other York Pond conserved lands purchased with help from MtA2C.